In the Morning

The light comes through my window,
I look over and I see you asleep

Laying so innocent so sweet.

As I remember our night
I think of you and how you felt against my body
Laying so innocent so sweet.

I look down at the beauty that is yours.
I realize that we are now joined.

A bound that can not be broken,
Not by man,
Not by law,
Not even by god

Our bond is LOVE.

As the light comes through my window

I see you now more clearly,
Your lines,
Your shadows,
Your contours,

I see you!

But wait…

What has happened?

The light that comes through my window is fading.

As I look over
You are no longer laying there so innocent so sweet.

You are gone!

Were you my imagination?
Were you real?

Or, was our bond not what I thought it was?