My Family:

Do you remember all our fights,
Our tears,
And our laughter.

Do you remember mom and dad telling us to be quiet,
To go to our rooms,
And to stop bothering them.

Do you remember our Christmases
Our vacations,
Our parties and our picnics.

My Love:

Do you remember when we met,
Our fist date,
And our first kiss.

Do you remember when I said, “I love you.”

Do you remember our wedding.

Do you remember watching the children grow,
Starting their families,
Having grandchildren.

Do you remember being called grandma and grandpa for the first time,
Being called great-grandma and great-grandpa for the first time.

My Family and My Love:

Now that I have gone on.  Keep remembering these things
Fro when you remember the tears of joy and sorrow.
The anger,
The fights,
The laughs,
The love,
And the pain.

You remember me: who I was and who I still am.

I will never leave your side as long as you remember.