Alone in a Room

Alone in a room, the walls are soft but his heart is hard.

He sits in silence

Not a word to be said, they wouldn’t listen to his ramblings 

He sits in silence


Alone to think, madness fills his thoughts

He sits in silence


Not wanting to see the world around him, giving up a long time ago

He sits in silence


Alone to see images and colors that make no sense

He sits in silence


Not allowed to be alone, cameras and windows around

He sits in silence


Alone to hear, things said with nothing to change

He sits in silence


Not able to right so many wrongs; pills, blades, guns, more

He sits in silence


Alone to feel madness

He sits in silence


Not willing to change who he is, insanity a comfort

He sits in silence


They don’t think of him

They don’t see him

They don’t hear him

They don’t value him

They don’t feel what he does

Alone in a room he created a child, drops a quarter in the almost empty can that sits in front of him as the child’s mother pulls him back to her side as they rush by.

He sits in silence

You and Me

You are all beautiful

Your soul holds more beauty than you know


I see it all in you

I see what you turn from; I always have


I hope for nothing for myself

I hope for you to find the light you have


I want your happiness

I want you to find it so you can receive it


I give you my dreams

I give you my greatest hope for you own


You are unique

Your words are able to force me to do better 

I see for you

I hope for you

I want for you

I give for you


This is for you, take it and remember:







What to Say

Here I am writing

         What to say

         What to say


Here I am laying trying to put on paper what’s in my heart.

         What to say

         What to say


It’s not hard, a lot of people do it

         What to say

         What to say


Why can’t I think of a way to tell you what I want

         What to say

         What to say


All I can think of is this:


What to say

         About you

What to say

         About me

What to say

         About us


What to say

What to say

A Couple

Do you love me

Yes I love you.

Do you want me

Yes I want you.

Do you need me

Yes I need you.

Do you trust me

Yes I trust you.

Do you think I’m attractive

Yes I think you’re attractive

Have things changed

Yes things have changed

Have we grown apart

Yes we’ve grown apart

Have we lived

Yes we’ve lived

Have we given it our best

Yes we’ve given it our best

Have we seen it all

Yes we’ve seen it all

Do you still love me

Yes I still love you